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Understanding Accreditation
by Ivan Pullo
Will employers value the online degree you have received? Will you be able to transfer credits from your online course to another institution? Will the online program you select provide a rigorous and worthwhile educational experience?
How To Spot Fake Degress & Diploma Mills
by Melissa Portnoy
A diploma mill is a actually a business that makes a profit by disguising itself as a legitimate college, university, or school. A diploma mill (or "degree mill") will pose as a real university and rewards degrees without evaluating any (or very little) academic work from its "students." They make money by selling printed degrees and providing academic references and falsified transcripts to individuals who purchase degrees from them.
Why going back to school pays rewards to the whole family
by Adam Partire
Why earning a degree online is becoming more common. is connected to the top e-universities offering criminal justice classes online. Choose a degree program or just take the individual courses that meet your needs. All of our universities are accredited, offering criminal justice classes online that are built to meet the demands of today’s students and professionals.
Distance Learning
by Ben Nabert
Before the availability of distance learning, a formal college education in the United States was primarily relegated to privileged males in the upper echelons of society. But in the late 1800’s, the University of Chicago decided to open the first major American correspondence school, showering a wealth of opportunities over people of every income level, gender, and race.
Online vs. Campus-based Schools
by Adam Marshall
The internet has evolved. Today, with the benefit of what commentators call “Internet 2.0”, the question isn’t whether or not it’s possible to create a classroom learning experience with the technology we have. In the fascinating book The No-Significant-Difference Phenomenon, researcher Thomas L. Russell examines more than 300 scientific studies, and he finds no significant difference between in-class and distance learning.
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