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Get A Harvard Law School Education Online

by Sheril Halter

No more must potential law students send out a dozen lengthy and expensive law school applications and wait with bated breath for an opportunity to move across the country, uproot their families, give up their jobs and endure 80-hour weeks full of law classes, study groups and exams. Now, future lawyers need go no further than their computer to gain a fully accredited law degree and join the legal ranks. The South Florida Business Journal reports:

Distance education becomes instant learning. Concord Law School, created in 1998 as the country’s first virtual law school, may rock the foundations of bricks and mortar legal education fortresses. Concord thinks it can radically change the way law is learned. Its strategy harkens back to the pre-bricks-and-mortar era, when the likes of Abe Lincoln and Huey Long of Louisiana “read the law.”

Only today, the reading and interaction is played out in cyberspace. Concord plans to extend legal education to all corners of the nation, and for that matter, the Earth. But it also continues to challenge the American Bar Association’s traditional refusal to accredit distance-education schools. Even the ABA last month recognized the importance of high-tech distance learning in public statements. But it may be many years before it openly embraces Concord Law School. That, however, won’t sideline Concord’s first graduating class of Juris Doctors in November, at least a third of whom will be taking the California Bar exam in February. About two-thirds, however, are content knowing the law and applying it to their professions and businesses, the school’s Los Angeles-based dean and founder Jack Goetz said. Besides the J.D. degree, Concord offers what it calls the Executive J.D. and L.L.M. in Health Law, tailored for those applying law in business, but who eschew entering private practice, Goetz said.

Whether students are interested in becoming lawyers or wish only to understand their legal rights and protect their business, online law schools are a great place to pick up a class or a degree.

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